Designate the Space


I am someone who always works in organized mess.   Meaning it looks completely untidy, but I know where everything is – OK almost everything.  I function, but I would not say that it’s a good thing or the best way to live.  It’s awful to look at, I always have to plan to clean for when guests come over, and it makes me feel tired all the time.  I’m no feng shui expert, but I am beginning to understand the importance of space, how we use it, and how we function within it.

This caught my attention last week after I watch a documentary on juicing.  I’ve wanted to get into regular juicing for years, but never committed to it. So, I designated a small part of tmy kitchen counter to my juicer.  Now, I can juice whenever I want.  I did the same thing with my blender, so I can make those green smoothies that everyone is raving about!  I also have a cleared a space in front of my TV in the living room for when I use an exercise video. My free weights sit to the side, ready to grab! I went one step further and joined a gym in order to truly have a space dedicated to fitness.   These actions are forcing me to look at my other spaces and what assignments I have given them.  Several of them are dead wrong!

For instance, I have a terrible habit of eating in my bedroom while watching TV.  I have a perfectly good table in the living/dining area, but my husband and I never use it.  Instead, we throw our coats, mail, and laundry detergent on it.  We do, however, keep a bowl of fruit on the table, but it occasionally gets masked in the mess leaving me with forgotten, rotten fruit.  My closets have become a place to hide anything that I don’t want to deal with, so my shoes sit anywhere that I feel like taking them off.  Any flat surface is covered in clutter – coffee table, dresser, computer desk, file cabinet, night stand. 

This year as we are approaching spring and thus spring cleaning, I am giving my spaces a hard look and reevaluation.  It’s time to get organized and create new, organized, peaceful, creative spaces in my home and workplace.  That being said I realize that my weight loss journey is growing in scope and needs its own space too.  So, I intend to create another blog dedicated solely to that.  Tentative title is “Losing Myself.”  I will keep you posted!

What changes can you make to a space so that you more than function within it, you thrive?!


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