Show, Don’t Tell!


Show people who you are, don’t tell them. Very often we feel the need to get on the microphone and broadcast who we think we are to anyone who will listen.  I’m sure you’ve met people that immediately tell you how many degree letters they have to follow their name  or which board they are on or how much charity work they do. We want/need people to know how smart, kind, and  accomplished we are,  because we want recognition. We all want to have our lives witnessed by as many people as possible to be able to say, “I was here and I mattered.”

For some reason, in this world, we  define ourselves by occupation and status rather than by our actions. However if “actions speak louder than words,” what are your actions saying? If you say one thing & do another, what you say doesn’t count, does it?  If you constantly tell people how smart you are,  but act in a selfish way saying, “that’s not my job,” no one will ever want to promote you – and that’s not smart. If you say that you support the something someone’s doing, but never help them do it- how supportive are you?

Someone once told me this: if you show up in your life and be brilliant, people will not be able to resist you!   Again, decide who you wish to be before you enter a situation.  If you want to be intelligent, kind, and accomplished (or whatever) – act that way!  Stop telling everyone how wonderful you are and show them instead! You will be surprised at the results.


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