Decisions, Decisions…


Decisions are funny things, aren’t they? Making one or not making one can completely alter the course of our lives.  Because of that we can put too much weight on a decision.  We make it mean everything and the danger there is that we don’t know if we made the wrong decision until we’ve actually made the decision.  This realization can cause great anxiety and stress about our choices.  We may feel paralyzed with fear of making a mistake, do nothing, and live with an intolerable status quo.

But what if you told yourself that you cannot make a mistake?  That the decision you make will be the best for you in the moment? Simply use the information that you have present at the time and choose what feels best.  The end!

We fear big decisions, because they often require a leap of faith or confidence in ourselves and our own abilities- yikes! Eventually, a fear of big decisions breaks down to a fear of small ones too.  You start having lengthy debates with yourself about eating a cookie! And that decision is easy- EAT THE COOKIE!

When we begin to fear decisions and lose faith in our ability to make them, the world will start to make or decisions for us and nobody wants that.  Trust yourself.  You can handle anything that comes your way, from the big “should I take this job or that job” decisions to the small “should I eat a apple or donut” decisions.  You are capable of choosing the right thing for you!


*This image is meant to be a source of inspiration. No copyright infringement intended. I do not own images posted on this page. The are found through Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft Clip Art.  If this image belongs to you please contact me and I will remove it immediately. Thank you.


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