The Cartoon You

Cartoon Me

My cartoon self thanks to BitStrips!

Several years ago I had a health condition that at the time was not serious, but could be later on.  My doctor told me that I was healthy and young so my body could clear out the condition on its own.  But there was still this seed of doubt that it would linger and cause problems.

I’m not sure why, but I started picturing my body as a cartoon society.  It had a command center very similar to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and a mini cartoon me running the show!  The command center became aware of entities illegally squatting in  our city.  The Commander and Chief (my mini-me) was none too happy about this and she ordered them to be evicted.  I saw this condition pack up its things (looking like a 1920’s cartoon hobo) and left with its head drooping between his shoulders.  I went through this exercise several times over many months.  The next time I went to the doctor the condition had complete disappeared and has never shown its face again!

At first, the condition really frightened me and caused me great anxiety, but this exercise took away its power over me.  How could I be afraid of a cartoon?  And if I was a cartoon too, I could easily combat it, because it was my world.  Did I cure myself? Maybe, maybe not, but a cartoon world allows me to take a step back from the stress or pain of a situation as well as take myself less seriously.  It may not work for every problem, but give it a try.  You may be surprised how much better you feel!


Life Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a bit stressed out by this weeks events – both personally and globally.  So I decided to have a little fun with this week’s post.  Millions of us are hooked on the social media game Candy Crush Saga.  Why wouldn’t you be?  It has simple rules, bright colors and a hilarious voice to cheer you on.  In looking for a justification for this game taking up time in my life, I asked myself is there anything to be learned here.  I came up with the following list.

Life Lessons from Candy Crush Saga

  1. Remember the goal. It’s easy to let the obstacles distract you and forget what you are meant to be doing.
  2. One move can change everything.
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to strategize your next move.
  4. Small victories feel great.
  5. You may have to be patient and let the candy fall where it may.
  6. Sometimes you can win with very little work .
  7. Even when you win you still may not be the top of the leader board, but it’s still a win.
  8. What at first appears easy, in fact could be difficult.
  9. At times life is just DIVINE.
  10. And sometimes it’s best to leave it alone and walk away!


*This image was found by searching Google Images.  I have no professional or personal connection with the Candy Crush Saga and this is not meant as an advertisement. 

Real Men


Today’s post is inspired by the Good Men Project’s article 28 Ways to Spot a Real Man.  I actually teared up reading some of these ways and further teared up when I thought about the real men in my life.  And most of the real men in my life have real men in their lives.  Most of my male friends are gay.

Often in our society gay men are not considered “real men” due to preconceived notions that they are feminine in nature.  If you think this, you are sadly misguided.  My male friends who happen to be gay taught me what it meant to me a real man and ultimately led me to find my husband.

These men took care of me in a way that I was unaccustomed to from straight men.  These men held my  doors, carried my groceries, walked me to trains and across dark parking lots, called to make sure I got home safely.  They held my hand, supported my work and my dreams, talked me down from the ledge when I was ragging against the world and would drop what they were doing to help me.  They inspired me to reconnect with God when I was weary, gently told me when I was a hot mess, and helped me regain my dignity.  And they would give a verbal and literal whipping to anyone who hurt me.   They have shared their strength, love, peace, and pride with me. I love them for all of these reasons and more.

One day I realized, that I needed a man who treated me as well as these men did.  I realized that I was  settling for so much less from the men that I was dating.  Then I met Charlie.  He held my doors, carried my groceries, bought me things I needed (one of his first gifts to me was a garbage can because mine was cracked), he talked me down when things were rough and told me “we will get through this together. You and me babe!”, he held my hand and kissed my forehead, he supported my work and dreams, and he inspired me to relax and reconnect with my inner-self. Yes, he even found gentle ways tell me when I was a mess.  He still does these things for me and more.  And, now, I am proud to call this real man my husband.

Today,  I celebrate and am grateful for the real men in my life. I love you all!

Strike Up the Band!

“There is work to be done, to be done!” – Strike Up the Band by George and Ira Gershwin

Since it is Independence Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate our of freedoms here in America. I am so grateful that our forefathers and foremothers decided that taxation without representation was not good enough for our country. They stood up and said that no person should own another person.  They said that women have the right to vote in our government.  They said that “separate but equal” is not equal at all.  And recently they (we) said that DOMA was unconstitutional.

We have made some made some major mistakes along the way for sure- The Trail of Tears, Japanese Concentration Camps, Jim Crow Laws,  and Stonewall  just to name a few.  However, like other countries who have made unfortunate missteps, I would like to believe that we are deeply embarrassed and saddened by these moments in our history.

Overall, it seems that it is in our blood- in our cultural DNA- to right wrongs and to fight for those who need help.  So on this day that we celebrate freedom I ask for you to be grateful for the liberties that we enjoy, but also I ask that you free yourself from apathy, hate, and egocentrism.  There is still “work to be done, to be done!”  There are people all over the world that are punished and persecuted for activities that we find common place.  There are people in America who are still punished and persecuted for attempting to enjoy their inalienable rights.  Do not turn a deaf ear or blind eye just because an issue doesn’t affect you directly.  Tyranny often has a trickle down effect that may not land at your door, but at your child’s or future generations feet.  Transversely, freedom for one group will lead to freedom for others!

So without further delay, it’s time to Strike Up the Band! Hit it Ella!