The Cartoon You

Cartoon Me

My cartoon self thanks to BitStrips!

Several years ago I had a health condition that at the time was not serious, but could be later on.  My doctor told me that I was healthy and young so my body could clear out the condition on its own.  But there was still this seed of doubt that it would linger and cause problems.

I’m not sure why, but I started picturing my body as a cartoon society.  It had a command center very similar to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and a mini cartoon me running the show!  The command center became aware of entities illegally squatting in  our city.  The Commander and Chief (my mini-me) was none too happy about this and she ordered them to be evicted.  I saw this condition pack up its things (looking like a 1920’s cartoon hobo) and left with its head drooping between his shoulders.  I went through this exercise several times over many months.  The next time I went to the doctor the condition had complete disappeared and has never shown its face again!

At first, the condition really frightened me and caused me great anxiety, but this exercise took away its power over me.  How could I be afraid of a cartoon?  And if I was a cartoon too, I could easily combat it, because it was my world.  Did I cure myself? Maybe, maybe not, but a cartoon world allows me to take a step back from the stress or pain of a situation as well as take myself less seriously.  It may not work for every problem, but give it a try.  You may be surprised how much better you feel!


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