Take 10!

At some time or another, we have heard someone say , “Take 10!” when we have been working hard on something.  We know that phrase to mean to take a break. Usually, ten minutes gives you time to get a drink of water, take a few deep breaths, chat with a friend, and/or clear your mind.   That ten minute break releases you from the responsibilities at the time.  There is magic in 10 minutes of time.  While it can help you relax, ten minutes can also get you closer to your goals.

When we want to reach a goal it’s easy to think that we have to spend every waking moment in its pursuit.  That may work at first, but it can become overwhelming in scope and actual execution, especially when you have other responsibilities and commitments.  So take 10.  Give your goal ten minutes of time.  This will not only make the goal seem easier, but it may increase your results.

For example: If you wish write a novel and you are spending 3 hours a day pounding on the keyboard, yet your work is uninspired and ends up in the trash, take 10.  Set a timer and give yourself ten minutes to work on a scene or character. This will focus your work like a laser!  You will have to be clear and concise.  Later you can put your ten minute sessions together and see what you’ve created.  Your work may have changed for the better.  Or let’s say you are trying to exercise more.  Many exercise DVDs start with 45 minute videos.  You may not have that sort of time or trying to do 45 minutes at the beginning may be too daunting causing you to quit exercising.  Take 10!  Do ten minutes of the video, find a DVD that is split into ten minute segments or just go for a  ten minute walk.  It takes the pressure off to know that you only have to exercise for ten minutes.  You may even find that at the end of ten minutes you wish to exercise a bit longer.  Or when learning something new, like playing the piano.  Practicing for ten minutes a day sounds a lot less intimidating than practicing 1 whole hour once a week.

Achieving our goals doesn’t have to be all about getting from A-Z.  It really is more about the sum of its parts and every little piece counts.  So, what could you take 10 on?


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