The Non-negotiable Phrase

I have always loved the movie Mary Poppins! Julie Andrews as Mary is just the best!  I love this character, because she was an unheard of combination of magic, good sense, and strength or rather she was an amazing, confident, and innovative-thinking woman! Mary always knew how to shut down negative thinking with a good non-negotiable phrase.  Everyone needs at least one.  I have several!

A few months ago, I was interviewing with a company via Skype in an Au Bon Pain cafe.  It was a second interview with 4 people- one sitting next to me  and the other 3 in New York City.  The interview was going really well and towards the end they asked me to describe a time when I had really messed up in a big way at work and what I did about it.  To be honest I was stumped.  Of course, I have made mistakes in the workplace, but I am very particular about the way I work; constantly double and triple checking my work to make sure that it is on point.

So, I sat there nervous and frustrated with myself, feeling like Winnie the Pooh, “think, think, think,” and I finally said, “I’m sorry.  I honestly can’t think of anything.” Then, I instantly laughed and said, “I’m Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way!”   This got a huge laugh! What I said was witty, intelligent, and keen- just like me!

Now, I certainly do not think I’m perfect – no one is; we all make mistakes. However, I am a dedicated, hard-working, amiable individual.  This phrase said just that in a tongue-in-cheek way. It made me undeniable!  Well sort of… Ultimately, I did not get the job, but my gut told me that I was better off.  Nevertheless, every time I recall that moment, I feel amazing, confident, and in full ownership of myself.   Nothing wrong with that!

Different situations call for different non-negotiable phrases, so add a few to your arsenal. A good non-negotiable phrase will shut down inner and outer adversaries as well as give you strength and confidence! So “think, think, think,” about your non-negotiable phrase!

I have the same problem with my purse!


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