Flip the Script

Very often in our pursuit of happiness we say, “I want ________.”  We may go as far as to say,  “I will do ________ to get _________.”  But have you ever done or attempted all the “right” things, but you still cannot get what you want?

About a month ago, I was lamenting about my weight, AGAIN! I thought, “What’s wrong with me?! I know what I want!  I know how to get it! So WHY can’t I do it?!?!?”  I was asking the wrong questions. A quiet voice inside said, “What do you need to be successful?” The answer surprised me.

The answer wasn’t another diet plan, exercise machine, or more will-power.  I heard myself say that what I needed was peace.  I needed to find peace somewhere in my day – everyday.  Then more answers started to come, like that I only needed to please myself not some society standard of beauty.  I heard the voice say, “What would it mean to complete this goal?” Again, the answer was surprising.  I said that perhaps I would not have to be so brave all the time.  At this weight I always feel that I have to fight or stand up for myself even when it isn’t totally necessary.

I wrote down all of my answers to these 2 questions and reference them when I feel a little lost. And to answer my call to peace, I get up early.  I spend at least 10 minutes before I get out of bed to pray and meditate in order to prepare for the day; so when my feet touch the ground I am  ready for whatever comes my way.

If you are struggling to make progress on a goal/dream.  Perhaps you are asking yourself the wrong questions and therefore getting the wrong answers.  Flip the script and ask a new question! These fresh answers may lead you down the path you’ve been looking for!


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