The Peace Talks

I am not Catholic, but one thing that I’ve always liked about Catholic services is when each person turns to the people around them, shakes their hands, and says, “Peace be with you.”  And that person responds, “And also with you.”  In my efforts to give up fear for Lent, I am seeing more and more that it is important for us all to speak peace with one another.

One any given day it can feel like the world is against us, that nothing is going right, and that we will never reach our dreams.  The cure to this feeling is not just to rally within yourself, but to rally within a community.  Gather together with people of your ilk.  And by “ilk” I mean people that are about what you are about.  People that are of a similar mindset and are striving to achieve something great.

If you are struggling in school join a study group, if you are stressed/angry join a meditation group, if your feeling behind take a class, if you are lost reach out to our friends.  Put it on your schedule and gather in a place where the atmosphere compliments your needs (like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter); pick a space that promotes joy, peace, and harmony- a safe place where you are free to think and dream.  Tell your people what is amazing about them; challenge their thoughts, support their spirit, lift them up, and ask them to so the same for you. Can you imagine the power of people all over the world meeting with the intention to raise each other higher?!?!?!  I bet it would literally move a mountain!

So run- don’t walk!! Get your people together on the phone, on Skype, in the coffee shop, at the mall, in the conference room,  in the classroom,  in the theater, at the bar, in the streets, and let the peace talks begin!


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