“I knew you when!”

photo (34)

My grandmother was practically a walking proverb!  She could always say something that would perfectly punctuate a situation and would eventually ring in my ears for years to come. So now that she is deceased, she never truly feels gone.

When someone became too judgmental of others, she would curtly say, “Well, I knew you when!” This meant that she knew that person when they were struggling; she knew them when they were low; she knew them when they had the same behavior that they were now judging.

It is amazing and fantastic when we decided that we want to be better people and elevate our experience on this earth.  However, as we get comfortable with our new paths and proudly acknowledge how far we have come, it becomes easier and easier to start saying things like, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!”  That’s not the truth!  While, yes, anyone is capable of a metamorphosis, no one will make those changes in exactly the same way.  It’s easy to forget that there are many factors that affect why and how people implement a change.  Resources, history, and support systems strongly influence the rate at which people alter their lives. We want people to meet us where we are and live our enlighten, zen, kick-butt life, but the truth is if you love someone you may need to be quiet and let them figure out their own journey.

I encourage you (myself included) to remember when.  Remember when you didn’t have all the answers and you needed someone to be patient with you. Remember the pain of growth and how there were times that you wanted to give-up. Remember when all you could do was hang your head and cry, because you knew there was something great in you dying to get out, but you didn’t know how to let it shine.  And remember you may have to tuck and roll; it’s a long way down from your high horse!


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