Freedom is the new Lent

I’m not Catholic, so I do not always participate in Lent, but I have on occasion given up chocolate or the like with the hopes of being a better person.  This year, as I’ve seen friends preparing for Lent, something important occurred to me.

Lent is about transformation.  We are meant to make sacrifices in order to move us towards our best selves. However, I realized that (when I participate) I have been giving up the wrong things.  Giving up chocolate was inconvenient and made me more creative about finding other things to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I never felt enlightened or more aware after the fact. This year I am attempting to give up shackles! I see shackles as the following:

Fear    Doubt   Shame   Guilt   Self Loathing   Judgement    Lack    Worry

I personally will be focusing on Fear as I feel it will free up some of the others for me.  What can you give up that is holding you back?  Or what can you change that would build you up? Remember Lent doesn’t have to be about gritting your teeth through sacrifice.  Allow Lent, or anytime that you feel so inspired, be about the transformation into the person you always dreamed you would be.  So what do you say?  For the next 40 days we move towards freedom and away from shackles!


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