Give Yourself Permission


I saw this graphic from on Facebook last week and I thought, “YES!”  We need to give ourselves permission to live the lives we want.

In Sherri Sherpard’s book Permission Slips, she talks about that great feeling we would get as children when we would receive a permission slip.  Whether we had a permission slip to go on a field trip, or a doctors note that kept us out of dodge ball week in gym class, or a study hall pass to practice music instead of doing homework, these allowances made us feel special.  So why don’t we give ourselves permission to do the things we need to feel extraordinary?

Somewhere we got the message that self deprecation and self-sacrifice are needed to be successful and to be a good human being. NOT TRUE!!! We have to start building ourselves up.  We can then, share the wealth, and  build up others, but it starts with you.  So today give yourself permission to be great! Here are some of my permission suggestions for myself and for you!

Give yourself permission to:

Love yourself just the way you are today.

Love your body just the way it is.

Feel genuine joy.

Laugh louder than you think you should.

Buy something nice for yourself.

Eat a cookie!

Give someone a compliment. (Start with you!)

Sing loudly and badly if need be.

Dance like no one is watching.

Call an old friend.

Do something daring.

Be bold.

Try something new.

Try something hard.

Speak your mind.

Play hookey from something.

Say NO!



Be briliant



Sure there may be things on this list or your list that you want to do better, but today, as is, you are perfection! Believe that! Comment below and tell me what you are giving yourself permission to do!


The Non-negotiable Phrase

I have always loved the movie Mary Poppins! Julie Andrews as Mary is just the best!  I love this character, because she was an unheard of combination of magic, good sense, and strength or rather she was an amazing, confident, and innovative-thinking woman! Mary always knew how to shut down negative thinking with a good non-negotiable phrase.  Everyone needs at least one.  I have several!

A few months ago, I was interviewing with a company via Skype in an Au Bon Pain cafe.  It was a second interview with 4 people- one sitting next to me  and the other 3 in New York City.  The interview was going really well and towards the end they asked me to describe a time when I had really messed up in a big way at work and what I did about it.  To be honest I was stumped.  Of course, I have made mistakes in the workplace, but I am very particular about the way I work; constantly double and triple checking my work to make sure that it is on point.

So, I sat there nervous and frustrated with myself, feeling like Winnie the Pooh, “think, think, think,” and I finally said, “I’m sorry.  I honestly can’t think of anything.” Then, I instantly laughed and said, “I’m Mary Poppins! Practically perfect in every way!”   This got a huge laugh! What I said was witty, intelligent, and keen- just like me!

Now, I certainly do not think I’m perfect – no one is; we all make mistakes. However, I am a dedicated, hard-working, amiable individual.  This phrase said just that in a tongue-in-cheek way. It made me undeniable!  Well sort of… Ultimately, I did not get the job, but my gut told me that I was better off.  Nevertheless, every time I recall that moment, I feel amazing, confident, and in full ownership of myself.   Nothing wrong with that!

Different situations call for different non-negotiable phrases, so add a few to your arsenal. A good non-negotiable phrase will shut down inner and outer adversaries as well as give you strength and confidence! So “think, think, think,” about your non-negotiable phrase!

I have the same problem with my purse!